We are sad to say we have taken the decision to close our premises for the next few months.

We plan to open again once London has been able to return to some of its previous vibrancy!

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What do I wear for a sports massage?

Generally you should wear as little as possible during your treatment—it is easier for us if you wear nothing at all, especially when working on glutes (buttocks) or hips. During the session you will be covered with a towel to retain your modesty, which is removed only to allow access to the area of the body that is being worked on. 

Some clients wear just light, stretchy underwear on the lower body, which is also fine. More restrictive undergarments such as men's long cotton boxer shorts—the type with no stretch, can make getting access to the hamstring/adductor attachments very difficult, and so work would then be carried out through a towel. Although this towel technique is just as effective, it can also be quite painful afterwards as it is not so easy to warm up the areas in preparation for heavier work. 

The most important thing for us, is that you feel comfortable during your massage—whether you remain fully clothed or decide on wearing your birthday suit.