We are sad to say we have taken the decision to close our premises for the next few months.

We plan to open again once London has been able to return to some of its previous vibrancy!

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Therapist rates & picking the right one for you

About therapist rates

All of the therapists working with City Sports Massage start out by charging a minimum fee, regardless of their often substantial previous experience. As their skills deepen and mature their rates will rise. You can be assured that whatever their level, they are high quality, intuitive independent therapists.

Are men better than women at sports massage?

The short answer is no, It’s about training. The therapist’s sex makes no difference whatsoever. Our therapists know how to use their bodyweight. This means that they don't have to be ‘heavyweight’, to give a ‘heavyweight’ the massage they need.

Should I choose a male or female sports massage therapist?

Some people may choose a therapist of their own sex for reasons of faith, religion or personal preference. Otherwise it will make no difference to the quality of your treatment. 

Read the testimonials

Read the testimonials that appear in the therapist profiles before you book your appointment. Or, try all of the therapists - they're a great bunch, really!