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Hot Stones Sports Massage

Your treatment is tailored to you

What is a hot stones sports massage treatment?

Hot stones sports massage treatment utilises soft, hot stones and a deep tissue, remedial massage. Tight, restrictive fascia responds to heat, therefore hot stones used in combination with massage is an excellent way help to encourage the body to relax and release tension. A hot stones sports massage is just as effective as a regular sports massage, however hot stones can increase the sedative effect. This can assist in further relief of tension which can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation and healing.

A hot stones sports massage treatment can be very beneficial for those who have muscular pain, poor circulation and rheumatic and/or arthritic conditions. Hot stones sports massage can not only be a deeply relaxing experience, but also a fantastic way to warm up in the colder months!

Currently Nadia Baker offers hot stone sports massage treatments.

Each of the Therapists offer a bespoke service

Our therapists are categorised according to their experience. There are two levels to choose from:

Advanced Massage Therapist

Senior Massage Therapist

Each therapist can use a variety of massage techniques to provide you with the massage that you want. And if you're not sure what you want? Don't worry, you're in experienced hands that will quickly get a sense of what is 'right'. Your massage is all about you and what is right for you - so please don't ever feel like you have to put up with pressure that is too heavy, or too light!

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Thank you, that was brilliant. I felt all my tension being pushed out and now I feel really chilled!

Anna Webb Director PR Consultancy

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