for the CSM Team

I’m sorry I’ve not emailed to thank you for your treatment before this, but the difference your treatment made to me was unbelievable. My shoulders haven’t ached in an age and my swimming stroke has opened up drastically—the coaches really noticed the difference. I really, really appreciate your work! I’ll definitely be back at some point, probably in a few months when we’re in the middle of water polo season again and I’m battered and bruised. Until then, thanks loads—I’ve recommended you to my friends, I know some of them have been!

Cat Cassidy Water Polo Player

I am genuinely amazed how the two 60 minute massage sessions you gave me (within three days of each other) have cured the problem. This enabled me to actually play 4 rounds of golf on 4 consecutive days on a pre-planned golf tour of Italy —I would not have thought it was remotely possible beforehand. Your easy-to-understand advice on the muscular-related cause of the problem and the simple exercises you demonstrated that will help prevent the problem re-occurring have made me confident with regard to my future golfing activities. This probably sounds a little patronising but I appreciated your down-to-earth manner and the common-sense way of explaining the stresses that backs routinely have to endure and how problems can be cured and/or prevented. I certainly plan to utilise your sports massage service again—I feel a new man afterwards. Please accept my genuine and heartfelt thanks for your efforts on my behalf.

P.S. The unrelated & minor shoulder problem I came to see you about yesterday has completely disappeared after the massage you provided. Is there no end to your magic?

Jim Gbadebo Contract Manager, Civil Service

It was brilliant seeing you and really helped my shoulder a lot. I’ve had a few twinges creaping back in occasionally, but am doing the exercises you recommended and this seems to be keeping it at bay for now! I won’t hesitate to come back if it gets bad again though.

Naomi Booth Firefly Jewellery

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