We are sad to say we have taken the decision to close our premises for the next few months.

We plan to open again once London has been able to return to some of its previous vibrancy!

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Google Reviews for City Sports Massage

4.8 ★ - Recommended by 50 people

Excellent treatment at City Sports, I had such a relaxing experience. Professional staff - will definitely be back. Thank you!

Richard O. Joyner27 Aug 2020★★★★★

I rated my treatment at 4 stars

Izhan Khan08 Aug 2020★★★★

I had back ace as a result from weight training. Once Paul treated me, it gave me an instant relief! He found the core of the pain and smoothed it out! After having massages in many different spas around the globe, I can testify that Paul gives me the best massage ever! I feel like a totally new person on my way out!

Bracha Margalit22 Mar 2020★★★★★

Expensive but very good

John Robinson07 Mar 2020★★★★★

Magda provided a wonderful sports massage. I literally feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Steve Ward23 Feb 2020★★★★★

Brilliant experience at Covent Garden, excellent massage from Calin. highly recommend

Diana Jaleru22 Feb 2020★★★★★

Had a massage with Calin earlier today and it was truly great! We sat down and talked about some of my ailments and then got right into the massage. I love a strong pressure massage and I often find no one with a pressure strong enough to my liking. Calin did use strong pressure and did check a few times to make sure I was happy. I very much recommend if you are looking for a solid sports massage. He gave me a few stretches to do to help at the end. Great experience and will book again!

Jessica Stanchak20 Feb 2020★★★★★

Calin is incredible - he has amazing hands, is extremely receptive to your needs and explains in laymen terms what your body needs to thrive. He was a delight and I can’t wait for my next appointment!

Ana Maria Skidmore19 Feb 2020★★★★★

Eva is the best sports massage therapist I've ever encountered. She's very caring, techniques are always spot on and always identify and solves the pain point straight away, that's why I keep coming back!

Liu XU13 Feb 2020★★★★★

Had a session with Calin Rusu yesterday as I was getting all types of tightness and soreness after months of heavy weight training. Calin was very patient and resolved my issues very effectively. He was also very kind to teach me several exercises to do to relieve my ailments during my free time. I feel superb after the session and I highly recommend City Sports to anyone looking for a quick and effective fix for their sports-related injuries!

Jack H13 Feb 2020★★★★★

I rated my treatment at 5 stars

Bethan Buck23 Jan 2020★★★★★

I rated my treatment at 5 stars

Archana Ambily24 Dec 2019★★★★★

As a competitive ballroom dancer who is very selective about who works on my body, I was a bit hesitant to seek out help while in London for work. However, I needn't have worried. Magda is excellent at what she does - very professional, very patient, asked lots of questions, and ended up helping me via a physical therapy approach for my situation. I would go back to see her in a heartbeat & I only wish she were closer to my hometown in the US!

Jennifer Nash10 Dec 2019★★★★★

I have been seeing Magda regularly this year and she has been fantastic - she focuses on areas that I have the most pain, typically back, and is able to offer good advice of exercises to do in my spare time. After each massage with Magda, I feel refreshed and pain free. On occasion, I’ve had to see her last minute with back pain. She’s been able to fit me in and target the exact spot. Well worth the money and would highly recommend Magda to any colleagues or friends.

Rikki and Roshni Jones25 Oct 2019★★★★★

Magda has been fantastic looking after me, keeping me going as I increase my running mileage. She has a good understanding of how the body works, is able to understand issues quickly and is great at ensuring she does enough work to ease muscles in a gradual way. Completely recommended.

Nick Dawson16 Oct 2019★★★★★

Top service and talent here! Magda has been absoutely terrific. She brings not only strong expertise and skill, but also a very respectful, calming and positive attitude.

R Ned16 Oct 2019★★★★★

I've been visiting Magda several times in the last year for an inflammation of the rotator-cuff, and she has been able to solve the issue after others failed. So I decided to come back again to help the recovery from a hip surgery, and I've the feeling it's really helping again. I especially appreciate how polyhedric is her approach: from deep tissue massaging (yes, often painful!) to mobility exercises, to simple sound advices. On top of that she is smiling and making you feel comfortable all the way through. The negative side? It's not the cheapest massage you can find in London, but I definitely think it's worth it.

Giovanni De Gaetano15 Oct 2019★★★★★

Best massage ever!

Fred Leftwich14 Oct 2019★★★★★

Magda is an excellent therapist, and has been a huge benefit helping me for back pain and nerve issues in legs, thank you

M14 Oct 2019★★★★★

I saw Magda for five sessions to help with long-term pain in my lower back. She is absolutely terrific – over the sessions I saw steady improvements and my back is much better today. The sessions were also very relaxing and she is easy to communicate with. Magda was also very helpful outside of the sessions by e.g. sending emails with homework exercises and answering questions. I’d especially recommend Magda to anyone who practises martial arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) in particular. As a BJJ practitioner herself, she understands the stress the art can have on the body and how to treat it. In short: Magda is great and really cares about her clients - I cannot recommend her enough!

Eric Johnsson16 Aug 2019★★★★★

I rated my treatment at 5 stars

Arturo Grauso16 Jun 2019★★★★★

I rated my treatment at 4 stars

Kerstin MacCana09 Jun 2019★★★★

I rated my treatment at 5 stars

Daniel Fortunov19 Mar 2019★★★★★

I rated my treatment at 4 stars

martin golder07 Nov 2018★★★★

Massage with Magda this afternoon. I felt really comfortable in my surroundings from the word go and the knot in my back, which had been really bothering me this week, is much much much better. So pleased.

Ally C28 Jan 2018★★★★★

Came for a 1hr sports massage with Maciek. It was a fantastic experience! Maciek was extremely skilled and did a great job releasing a lot of tension mainly in my legs and back. He was also super friendly and made the whole process very easy. Also, the CSM facilities were great and the booking process was simple and straightforward. Will definitely return here :)

Arjun Sharma13 Jan 2018★★★★★

My whole body was sore and I pulled my hamstring doing Martial Arts on a recent visit to London and needed a sport massage. I saw City Sports Massage had good reviews and decided to get treated there. Maciek Klosowski is amazing and did an excellent job. He is very nice and professional. I walked in limping and came out walking.

Ricky Titus11 Jan 2018★★★★★

Maciek gave me one of the best massages I've had - listened to what I needed and kept a check on how pressure was etc. Still feel amazing after a week and excited for my next. Thanks Magic!

Charlotte Whatcott08 Oct 2017★★★★★

Nadia is fantastic - lovely, friendly, excellent. I've had issues with my back and sciatica for six months, Nadia never fails to reduce the pain. The studio is lovely too. Thoroughly recommended.

Kate Smith-Crallan05 Oct 2017★★★★★

I always feel a terrific sense of muscular relief and relaxation following my always-excellent deep tissue massages with Eva Garcia from City Sports Massage. Eva has been treating me on a weekly basis since March 2015 for persistent muscular dysfunction caused by my PTSD condition. Eva is an extremely experienced and talented therapist, who always intuitively employs the most suitable techniques and exerts the appropriate pressure to release acute muscle tightness. Eva is a good listener, empathic and extremely knowledgeable. Eva regularly checks in and invites feedback during sessions to ensure that I am comfortable with the treatment. With Eva, I know that I am in very safe, reliable hands!

Philip Darby03 Oct 2017★★★★★

Nadia Baker is an excellent and knowledgeable physical therapist. I first attended the clinic for treatment on my back, which she has improved tremendously, but she has also identified and treated other problems I had. Overall my body has felt in much better shape the past few weeks! I would highly recommend!

Andy Reeves02 Oct 2017★★★★★

I have had massages with Eva for years and I can honestly say I have never had better. She is intuitive and superbly skilled and I wouldn't go anyway else to ease my regular back pain. Can't recommend highly enough!

Jenny Webster30 Sep 2017★★★★★

I've been seeing Nadia for six months or so now and it's safe to say that without her I'd be in a lot of pain. She's been really attentive and patient and, above all, effective. A shoulder/neck problem I had for years is now all but gone and my tender lower back is still a work in progress but hugely improved. You always get the full hour and never feel rushed. Highly recommend this place, and Nadia.

Natalie28 Sep 2017★★★★★

Excellent remedial massage for my shoulder. I've struggled with it for ages but after a very strong massage it's improved. I ve also got some 'homework'... Highly recommended

Jon Law16 Sep 2017★★★★★

Great massage from Bart! He was very professional and knowledgeable. Aside from the massage he advised me on stretches and things to help improve my muscle pain going forwards

Alexandra Wakeling25 Jan 2017★★★★★

Had the best massages here. Very relaxing and very well trained staff

Mathilde Newman21 Jan 2017★★★★★

Bart is great! A lifesaver massage today. Thanks guys.

Robert Alexander27 Jul 2016★★★★★

Absolutely loved my massage with Bart at Snowfields! Such an intuitive therapist - he knew exactly how to ease the pain in my back. Highly recommend him! I was unable to move in the morning due to a trapped nerve in my back (an old reoccurring injury) and a 90 min session with Bart really eased it up - since moving to London I had been searching to find a decent therapist so I am thrilled to have found Bart!

Danielle Smyth23 Nov 2015★★★★★

I had been experiencing upper back problems for a number of weeks and so booked a City Sports Massage based on the recommendations that I saw on the website. The therapist, Judit, did a great job and the pain that I had been experiencing certainly eased as a result of her help. Judit also advised me on a number of exercises and stretches to do to help keep the pain away and these have also been of great assistance. Booking an appointment was straightforward and I was very pleased with the service.

Ray Rulach28 Aug 2012★★★★★

I recently went to City Sports Massage on Theobalds Road in Holborn as I was suffering from a muscle injury I picked up playing football. I booked in with Jacky Sayers for a half hour session, it was FANTASTIC! I explained my problem to Jacky for the first 2 minutes and she explained what she could do for me. I was then given a 25 minute Sports Massage which really helped soothe the pain and relax the muscles. I was able to walk away much more freely and it felt 100 times better! I will definitely be going back for more massages once the football season begins in a couple of weeks! Thank you!

Dan Spackman13 Aug 2012★★★★★

I have a joint problem and after lots of months of strong painkillers the doctor advised I try other methods of pain relief. I have discovered that massage to get rid of muscle tension helps greatly. On my last visit to City Sports massage I had been in pain with a headache for several days and after-one hour long massage, I felt completely relieved!! Such an amazing feeling to get your day back like that!! I have been disappointed in the past from other places when you end up paying to get your skin just stroked for an hour with the sound of dolphin music in the background! The massages at City sports massage really feel like something is happening! I love a really deep massage and the pressure was perfect! I am definitely going back. I feel so pleased that I have found a relief for my pain that I know works! - Thats a relief in itself!

Hayley McDonald18 Jul 2012★★★★★

Had my first sports massage with Claire at City Sports Massage three weeks ago to help with shoulder problems and tight leg muscles. Although it initially left my legs slightly sore, the deep tissue massage to my legs was a revelation - a couple of days later all of the tightness in my hamstrings had gone and my legs felt much more fluid on the bike. My posture and the aching in my shoulder has also improved. I'm happy to report that I'm still feeling the benefits now, over three weeks later.

Paul Roberts17 Jul 2012★★★★★

I visited Fuchsia as City Sports Massage in Holborn a couple of weeks ago because I'd been having some problems with my IT bands from overuse on long walks. We spent some time discussing my condition and history during which Fuchsia also gave me some useful information about including more protein in my diet (I'd had some muscle wasteage in the previous year through poor diet.) The massage was great with Fuchsia really focusing on the upper legs and checking that the pressure was ok throughout. I found walking the following weekend much more comfortable. I'll defnately being going back to see Fuchsia in the future.

Neil Tranter12 Jul 2012★★★★★

Although tucked away in between coffee houses on a busy main road, City Sport Massage offers a calm, welcoming environment, friendly staff and fully qualified massage therapists who after taking a brief history try and relieve you of any aches and pains or muscular damage that you have. Despite the room and surroundings being very relaxing, the massage itself is quite intensive and can at times be painful, but the therapists ease into it and assure you they can stop if the pain gets too much. After my massage, my shoulder felt looser and less painful for a few days which was a welcome relief from the pain I have been suffering from for years. The prices are a little on the high side with half an hour costing from £32-£40, but the treatment you receive is well worth it.

Tania HM11 Jul 2012★★★★★

My experience at City Sports Massage was amazing! I have had chronic back problems for a while, and after just one visit at this office, I felt incredible. I was actually able to bend over without pain for the first time in years. Thank you Claire!

Patti Sweet28 Jun 2012★★★★★

Having had a worsening pain in my lower back for nearly a year, & having tried various treatments ranging from acupuncture to doctors & orthopedic chairs, I was referred to City Sports Massage by a friend & after one single session I saw a huge reduction in my back pain. I can't wait to go back!

will graham22 Jun 2012★★★★★

I had a massage with Judith in December and it was a real 'experience'. I've had plenty of massages before, but never have I felt a therapist connected so well with my body, it was quite strange but very cathartic. It felt like Judith was able to tune into the way my body was working and aching on quite a spiritual level and really worked on the heart of the problem, The massage wasn't painful, but it was really powerful and I'll look forward to seeing her again. The after advice was also very good and I'm now using a yoga ball to sit on in the office - unbelievable difference to how my neck, shoulders and back usually feel.

Cathy Nicholson02 Feb 2012★★★★★

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If I could change anything, I would add a teleportation option on the website so that when I needed a massage I could be teleported to a City Sports Massage couch from wherever I am in the world. Other than that, spot on, thank you!

Sophie Rayner International Touring Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist

You gave me the best massage I’ve ever had in 2006. Sadly I left for NYC that year—I’ve had hundreds of massages since but they haven’t come close. Thanks!

Binifer Kaikobad Anti-money Laundering Specialist,
International Banking

Was very happy with my massage nice relaxed and chilled out environment will definitely go again.

Tracy Brodin NHS

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