We are sad to say we have taken the decision to close our premises for the next few months.

We plan to open again once London has been able to return to some of its previous vibrancy!

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Does sports massage or deep tissue massage hurt?

Sometimes sports massage can be a little uncomfortable, but it is only ever a ‘good’ pain—that is you will instinctively know it is doing good. Please remember that you are always in charge, so if you’re uncomfortable in anyway please say and we’ll try a different approach!

Often clients will report having gone for a massage treatment with other styles of massage therapist and found it unsatisfactory, as it was far too light and not deep enough. There is certainly a place for this type of massage but it is not something we find our clients request very often here. Of course if you want it light, or lighter, please say—we aim to give a massage you want, not a massage that we deem ‘appropriate’.

It is not unusual to feel a little post massage soreness for a day or two after a deep tissue massage. This is normal and shows that useful work was done – and that the body is healing! Common post massage advice includes warming the area with a hot bath or a hot water bottle, drinking lots of water, and gentle but progressive stretching.

If you are worried in any way about being sore, or have an important event the next day or two, please do communicate this, it really is no problem to work around.