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Constant headaches from a tension headache? Sports massage can help

Are your tension headaches becoming constant headaches? Do you wonder if sports massage can help? Constant headaches can make it difficult to perform well at work, and often ruin any chance for relaxation when not working! A search on constant headaches, or tension headaches can bring up all sorts of scary diagnosis but at City Sports Massage we’ve found that deep tissue massage often provides a fast solution. Learn more here…

Tension headaches are caused by neckache, shoulder pain and stress.

Tension headaches are caused by neckache, shoulder pain and stress.

What are tension headaches?

Tension headaches are often caused by stress, are exacerbated by dehydration, and can easily become constant headaches. Stress, or tension headaches are characterised by the top, or sides of the head feeling tight or sore, sometimes pain behind the eyes, and often there will be a stiff neck and shoulders making things feel worse!

How do tension headaches become constant headaches?

Tension headaches often stem from a painful neck and shoulders. A stiff neck, perhaps caused by work stress, or bad posture at work can spread up into the muscles around the skull (yes you have muscles there too!) and create a painful pressure against the capillaries and sensitive nerves surrounding the skull. You can read more info about what causes stiff, aching muscles by reading our sports massage post ‘why do my neck and shoulders hurt at work?’

Jaw clenching (bruxism) can also contribute to this pain. We are often completely unaware we are jaw clenching! Often bruxism occurs during sleep, and even during surprisingly low-key stressful moments whilst completely awake. It is this low grade, constant muscular tension that keeps the muscles that surround the skull tightened and painful, which can cause constant headaches.

Whats the best solution for tension headaches that have become persistent headaches? Can sports massage, or deep tissue massage help?

The stiff, aching muscles around the skull (particularly around the sides of the head, the temples, and the muscles where the neck meets the skull) can be eased and softened by a skilled sports massage, or deep tissue massage therapist. In the USA research has shown that chronic tension headaches can be treated efficiently by experienced massage therapists, and in the UK the NHS advocate the use of massage to treat tension headaches. At City Sports Massage in London we have many years of experience treating clients suffering from tension headaches, and we run specific head massage and neck massage training workshops for our staff to ensure they are able to address your constant headaches efficiently.

Our clients tend to be busy people, and we advise measures that can ease headaches at work, and prevent headache recurrence. A few simple practices might mean that your next massage can be more about relaxation, and less about relieving pain. Interested in finding out more? Book in here.


City Sports Massage Therapists undergo specific training in relieving tension headaches through deep tissue massage.

Please note that this article is for general information purposes only. If you are suffering from constant headaches, diagnosis of your headache should be carried out by your Doctor, or a medical professional. City Sports Massage are not liable for the content of any external websites.

¬© Jon Gee 2013Jon Gee is the founder of City Sports Massage, a team of sports massage therapists based in London who combine deep-tissue massage therapy with stress-reduction and body-awareness techniques. Jon’s articles have been published in the peer reviewed Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies. He specialises in teaching postgraduate sports massage therapists advanced intuitive massage skills through the application of his mindfulness-based approach. Jon’s work teaching therapists enables them to teach their clients how to develop their own pain relieving, body awareness skills.
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