We are sad to say we have taken the decision to close our premises for the next few months.

We plan to open again once London has been able to return to some of its previous vibrancy!

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  1. Sports massage in Highbury & Islington at the Healthy Living Centre

    The Healthy Living Centre on St. Paul’s Road has been the location for City Sports Massage in Highbury & Islington for many years. The CSM team, though a small team of sports massage therapists, attract international referalls through providing effective pain relief for professional clients from all walks of life.…Read more

  2. Back pain relief for scoliosis through sports massage.

    How can sports massage ease scoliosis pain? How else might a sports massage therapist provide scoliosis care and support? City Sports Massage shows you how the right sports massage therapist can help… What is scoliosis? The word scoliosis describes a lateral curvature of the spine. It is often the cause…Read more