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Pain relief with sports massage in W1!


Located a three minute walk from Marble Arch tube station, City Sports Massage in W1 is the perfect place for city professionals to get their aches and pains fixed by the experts.

You might expect a professional rugby player to pick up injuries on the pitch; but a professional working in an office can also receive injuries that result in just as much suffering. Many PC/laptop based workers struggle with a work related bad back or sore neck, stiff shoulders and tension headaches. The City Sports Massage Therapists at our Marble Arch and Mayfair sports massage clinic in W1 have many years experience in treating, and eradicating RSI, & work related back pain and injury.

Sports Massage W1 with City Sports Massage Therapists Jon and Fuschia

Sports Massage in W1 with City Sports Massage Therapists Jon and Fuschia

As many of our clients will testify, our Sports Massage Therapists are highly adept at discovering the root cause of pain, and treating it with effective remedial and sports massage techniques. Our expert sports massage therapists aim to create a working partnership with you, in order to investigate, and hopefully demystify your pain and discomfort. Most importantly of all, if results aren’t obvious and forthcoming, they will quickly advise, and refer ‘up the chain’.

Our effective work means that the vast majority of City Sports Massage clients report leaving our Marble Arch clinic feeling refreshed, and better equipped to deal with the challenges ahead. Muscular aches that had previously caused distraction and pain at work are eased, movement restored, and tension headaches relieved. Put simply; City Sports Massage = smiling clients; more efficient, happier, and more at peace than when they first walked through the door of our Marble Arch location!

How does office work cause pain and injury?

Working tiring, long hours at an office desk or laptop can easily result in a slumped posture and/or neck pain. Maintaining static positions for long periods of time can cause muscles to stiffen and seize. We can easily therefore end up with a stiff, slumped posture that results in very sore shoulders and often a painful, strained neck that’s reluctant to move. In addition, a poorly designed work station set up can make it even harder to maintain good posture, and can be the root cause of it. It’s so easy to lose track of time when we’re working on a computer; but the body doesn’t forget! Neglecting to take regular breaks (even very short ones can help!) also adds to the miserable package of pain!

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Finding the City Sports Massage W1 clinic

Our Marble Arch and Mayfair W1 location is near to Marble Arch tube, Bond Street tube, Edgware Road tube and not far from Paddington station. It is a few minutes walk from Oxford Street. For a map and details on how to book yourself a sports massage, and eradicate your work related pain, please click the BOOK NOW button above.

City Sports Massage provides an expert service seven days a week at four different locations in central London. The City Sports Massage Therapists are looking forward to seeing you soon, and helping to make a positive difference to your life; by eradicating your pain!

Please note that this article is for general information purposes only. Diagnosis should be carried out by your Doctor, or a medical professional. City Sports Massage are not liable for the content of any external websites.

¬© Jon Gee 2013Jon Gee is the founder of City Sports Massage, a team of sports massage therapists based in London who combine deep-tissue massage therapy with stress-reduction and body-awareness techniques. Jon’s articles have been published in the Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies. He specialises in teaching postgraduate sports massage therapists advanced intuitive massage skills through the application of his mindfulness-based approach. Jon’s work teaching therapists enables them to teach their clients how to develop their own pain relieving, body awareness skills.
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