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Sports Massage CPD Workshops, WITH a sports massage job in London?

Are you looking for sports massage CPD workshops? Want a sports massage job in London too? At City Sports Massage we are passionate about helping sports massage therapists in their personal and professional development. We run a Postgraduate Training Scheme which gives Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to sports massage therapists looking to deepen their practice, become advanced bodyworkers, and get a sports massage job at the same time!


Postgraduate therapists learning how to alleviate tension headaches & migraines

The Elemental Approach sports massage CPD workshops

The Elemental Approach sports massage CPD workshops have been developed by City Sports Massage Principal Therapist Jon Gee.

Jon Gee is the owner and Principal Therapist and Tutor at City Sports Massage. He has twenty years professional experience in body dynamics and body awareness – which includes nearly ten years of intensive and extensive clinical experience in Central London Clinics. Jon has trained as a Mindfulness Teacher with the University of Bangor, and has recently authored and co-authored articles for the peer reviewed Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies on his methods for teaching manual therapists how to access intuition using mindfulness.

As well as specific bodywork techniques such as Fascial Release, and Fascial Clicking, underpinning all of Jon’s Elemental Approach workshops are how to use communication, intuition, empathy, psychology, business skills and self knowledge to;

• Deliver your promise: Give clients what they came for; and see them come back.

• Develop quickly as an advanced bodyworker.

• Enjoy your work; and feel confident your clients are happy.

Who can do the Elemental Approach sports massage CPD workshops?

The comprehensive program of sports massage CPD workshops are currently open to level 4 (or above) candidates who want a sports massage therapist job in London as part of our team.

What if I don’t need a sports massage job with you guys – can I still do your sports massage CPD workshops?

We will soon be opening up some of these workshops to qualified therapists outside of our team. If you would like to be kept informed when this happens please let us know here.

What Elemental Approach sports massage CPD workshops are currently offered to those getting a City Sports Massage job?

Those who join our team benefit from all of these workshops; and there is no limit to the amount of times they can be repeated! Are you looking for a sports massage job in London? Read more here, or apply now!

Fascial Release/Breathing & Mindfulness 1 & 2

Advanced Bodywork through Creativity & Flow 1 & 2

Pelvis Workshop – Iliopsoas

Pelvis Workshop – Adductors

Head/Neck/Jaw Workshop 1 & 2

Pregnancy Massage 1 & 2

Client Engagement & Retention

Chest Workshop 1 & 2

We will soon be releasing more info on the Elemental Approach CPD courses for sports massage therapists via this post, so keep checking back!

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