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Mindfulness for Massage Therapists Workshops – read the reviews here!

Learning how Mindfulness for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers can help your practice.

Learning how Mindfulness for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers can help your practice.

Mindfulness for Massage Therapists Workshops – The testimonials

As you may have read in our previous post, Jon Gee’s Mindfulness for Massage Therapists – with Myofascial Release 2 day CPD Workshops have just been launched to external practitioners, i.e. those outside of the City Sports Massage team. It is these 2 day workshops that have formed the bedrock of what has made City Sports Massage successful so far!

Later this year Jon will be launching further workshops open only to those who have completed the 2 day Mindfulness for Massage Therapists. These workshops are open to Massage therapists, Yoga Teachers, Pilates Instructors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors – and any bodyworkers with a qualification in Anatomy & Physiotherapy.

You’ll find here a selection of quotes from those who’ve attended Jon’s 90 minute workshops at Earl’s Court Camexpo last November, as well as a couple of more lengthy quotes from a current, and a previous CSM therapist who have both attended the two day (previously in house only) Mindfulness for Massage Therapists workshops.

Testimonials from CAMEXPO at Earls Court – 90 minute Introduction to Mindfulness for Clinical Practitioners

Via Facebook

Two attendees found the City Sports Massage Facebook page and left lovely comments; They are referring to Jon’s fabulous assistant on the Saturday workshop, Jacky.

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Jon Gee and Jacky Sayers for the inspiring workshop yesterday at the CAM expo! Thoroughly enjoyed it and hope that you will succeed in developing a course, would love to attend. Thank you again!” Merel Keuning

“I agree thank u so very much Jon Gee and Jacky Sayers. Really fab workshop.” Chris Blondell

Via Email

“It was a wonderful workshop and thought provoking in the best sort of way…I would love to learn more about the sort of workshops you might carry out…I liked your calm manner and approach.” KB

Via Practitioners’ Feedback forms

“I really enjoyed the practical elements and the very clear, concise explanations and examples of mindfulness practice.”

“Jon is a great speaker and communicator.”

“Well organised, clear presentation.”

“Enjoyed considering the implications for practice.”

“Gained a clear understanding of mindfulness with examples – loved the raisin exercise.”

“Enjoyed relating the practice of mindfulness to clients.”

“Raised awareness of importance of self care for practitioners and for clients.”

“It made me more aware, and a lot more sensitive.”

Testimonials from City Sports Massage Therapists

“Jon’s CPD workshops have provided me with an expansive and yet stable framework for the implementation of more integrated overview of health. The principles I’ve taken away with me have since become an integral part of my own practice.

Jon’s use of language and simple analogies relating to the structure and function of the body made the concepts explored during the workshops easily applicable to practice.

Working with mindfulness, breath and movement meant that I really embodied the subjects we covered, which in turn made me a better teacher when it came to integrating this style of body work into my own practice.

Jon’s teaching methods are insightful, engaging and comprehensive. I would recommend to anyone wishing to enhance their practice and/or business…
Fuchsia Farrow (Senior CSM Therapist)

“The training at CSM is unlike any you’ll ever go through as a massage therapist. It’s not about learning sparkling new hands-on techniques, although that does form part of it – It will teach you to read the atmosphere of a room and tune in to what your client is going through so that you can deliver a treatment incredibly personal to that client. Building the principles of mindfulness into bodywork gives you the confidence to trust your instincts, trust what your hands are telling you about where they want to go, trust that the rest of your senses are giving you an accurate picture of what’s going on in the room. It’s all about working in the present moment, and enabling your client to be in the present moment, so that everything you do is effective.

I can’t tell you just how much I’ve come on as a therapist through being part of this fabulous team. I’m truly sorry to be leaving them all behind, but I know that the skills I’ve learned both in practice as a therapist and through the thoughtful, insightful workshops delivered by Jon will be things I’ll keep with me for the rest of my life – above and beyond work.

I can’t recommend this training highly enough – it’s been worth everything I’ve put into it, and more. I can’t see that anyone would come out feeling any different.”
Kath Breslin (former CSM Therapist)

“Jon’s mindfulness workshops teach a completely different approach to massage than the one I had learned so far, it does not focus so much on techniques to be applied, but rather in learning how to be present and connected with your client, how to read through your hands.

This new approach is just beautiful, it has made me a much better practitioner because it allows me to enjoy this constant exploration, and to learn from it every time…It has totally transformed my practice.”
Eva Garcia (CSM Therapist)

Since undertaking this, and other CSM workshops run by Jon Gee, I have found that my relationships with my clients, my trust in myself, and my willingness to experiment with new techniques has grown far beyond the bounds I would have considered possible…Previously I had found it so easy to feel out of my depth. The mindfulness techniques I have learned have helped me to acknowledge unhelpful thoughts and feelings, and then to either let them go, or put them to one side for later consideration. I’ve learned instead to connect with my clients spoken and unspoken needs, and to work with them towards achieving their goals, with a sense of sure footedness and joy in the task at hand…to simply be in the moment itself with them, to let all other fears or expectations slip away, and trust that my hands and my understanding of the body will lead me to offer the best I can. Now my client sessions are a joy and a discovery, and I feel much surer of my abilities to provide the right treatment…I can recommend wholeheartedly.
Jacky Sayers (CSM Advanced Therapist)

PLEASE NOTE THAT PLACES ON THESE WORKSHOPS ARE STRICTLY LIMITED. To find out more about this CPD workshop – and how to book a place, please click here.

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