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How a lost sports massage gift voucher became a fresh start…

D’you know that feeling when you’ve put something in a safe place…but you just can’t remember which safe place? Read on to find out how a lost sports massage gift voucher turned into a fresh start for a City Sports Massage client…

Recently a client rang up one of our four London sports massage clinics (our Mayfair/Marble Arch location), and said they’d lost their sports massage gift voucher, and their appointment was in two hours!

The receptionist suggested that they pay at reception, and once they’d sent the purchase details through to City Sports Massage HQ, we could cancel the voucher, and arrange a refund.

But it wasn’t that simple…

I was keen to make sure the client did get a refund, and when he came in to see me I firstly acknowledged how stressful it must have been to have lost his sports massage gift voucher. But as I began to remind him to send the purchase details in, I got the feeling that he didn’t want to contact the person who’d generously given him the voucher.

Hmm, I wondered if maybe the poor chap had fallen out with an ex-girlfriend, and it might have been awkward to contact her? so I said if he could provide details of the buyer, we could trace it back.

It turned out to be a gift from his wife, and I suspected that he was reluctant to confess that her thoughtful present had been mislaid. And who knows, maybe she’d already had to remind him several times to make an appointment for his sports massage!?

In addition I expect he was frustrated with himself. It’s frustrating for anyone to have lost something that was put in a ‘safe place’!

He felt really wound up when he arrived, and who wouldn’t be!? I reassured him that we’d do our best to sort it out.

a sports massage gift voucher can provide stress relief, AND ease a bad back.

a sports massage gift voucher can provide stress relief, AND ease a bad back.

How else did you manage to ease the stress?

I could see that he had a sharp, inquisitive mind. He was very much ‘in his head’ rather than his body, and this is where I felt I could help.

Whilst I gave him a sports massage to repair his bad back, we discussed the brain, and it’s relationship with the muscles. We talked about posture, core muscles, neuroscience, proprioception, movement, and breathing. Through engaging with his scientific mind, I helped to illustrate how all of these elements combine to provide a body that either functions smoothly, or doles out regular pain.

Relaxation, new knowledge, AND pain-free muscles

So when he left, he hadn’t just had a good sports massage that eased his back pain, he had something else to take away with him; knowledge that he could use to help prevent future pain and stress; AND a new relationship with his body.

And who knows, perhaps in his new, relaxed state, he even remembered where he’d put that pesky sports massage gift voucher?

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© Jon Gee 2013 Jon Gee is the founder of City Sports Massage, a team of sports massage therapists based in London who combine deep-tissue massage therapy with stress-reduction and body-awareness techniques. Jon’s articles have been published in the peer reviewed Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies. He specialises in teaching postgraduate sports massage therapists advanced intuitive massage skills through the application of his mindfulness-based approach. Jon’s work teaching therapists enables them to teach their clients how to develop their own pain relieving, body awareness skills.
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