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Kath Breslin: City Sports Massage Therapist, Triathlete, and Mum! (A London Triathlon story)

Sports massage is a regular part of a triathlon training. Read how City Sports Massage Therapist Kath combated lifelong struggles with her weight, combined new motherhood with a new career as a triathlon-completing sports massage therapist, and learnt a few lessons on the way.

Becoming a mother is a hard enough challenge for any woman, but for Kath, deep tissue massage therapist at City Sports Massage, it was part of a much bigger test.

Having struggled with weight issues since puberty, Kath had resolved to take control. She began an exercise regime that would see her take part in a two-man relay cycling challenge from London to Paris, which she completed in just 24 hours. Spurred on by her success and the weight she had lost, she was determined to maintain those fitness levels and compete in other events. However, soon after the event, she found out that she was pregnant.

Whilst for many, pregnancy marks an excuse to take things easy, Kath kept as busy as ever. Although naturally her exercise patterns had to change slightly, she continued where possible, by taking longs walks and by swimming. Simultaneously, she was busy organising a large office move and completing her sports massage therapy course: a huge workload for anyone to contemplate!

Kath Breslin, Sports Massage Therapist

Above all, Kath was determined to regain the levels of fitness and body shape she had achieved prior to getting pregnant, and so got back into training almost immediately after giving birth. Consequently, once he was old enough, her son would accompany her to the gym, and even got involved in ‘Powerpramming’ sessions on Tooting Common! Before long, the weight again dropped off and Kath was ready to begin competing again, taking part in several 10K obstacle courses over the space of the following year.

The London Triathlon challenge

Kath’s greatest challenge lay in the form of the London Triathlon. Having volunteered as a sports massage therapist at the event in 2010, she was inspired to take part in one herself.

Despite being a single mum, Kath found ways to combine motherhood with work and training by either cycling or running to her sports massage practice, and back.

She describes completing the London Triathlon as a ‘surprisingly emotional experience’: a culmination of the years of sheer hard work and sports training she had put in.

Finishing such a huge challenge was the ultimate way of proving to herself and others that it was possible to turn her life around in such a dramatic way. Not only was she at the lightest weight she’d ever been by this stage, but also the fittest, and had achieved all of this whilst balancing motherhood with a new career as a sports massage therapist.

Kath Breslin, Sports Massage and the London Triathlon

Competing in the London Triathlon has helped inform Kath’s work with City Sports Massage and she feels that by having done a triathlon herself she can better understand the needs of her clients who take part in similar sports events.

Sports Massage as part of Triathlon training

Kath has learnt the benefits of taking time to pause mid-exercise to reflect on the areas of the body that need attention, as well as ensuring the whole body is supple in order to prevent small niggles becoming bigger problems. She is already looking forward to competing in future triathlons and is looking to shave 20 minutes off her time. In part she intends to do this by seeking the help of the team at City Sports Massage team beforehand, to ensure her body is in optimum condition.

Kath’s achievements to date demonstrate what an incredibly motivated and self-empowered individual she is. She has been her own catalyst for changing her body and mindset, and has accomplished impressive feats alongside huge life events which would be challenging enough on their own. Becoming a mother has allowed Kath to pass on this attitude: she hopes that as he grows older, her son will see view exercise as a normal part of life and enjoy it as much as she does, bucking the trend of rising obesity levels in this country. Additionally, through working at City Sports Massage, Kath has found a way to share her experiences with like-minded people and translate them directly into her work.

We are delighted to have her as part of our team.

Article ©Rachel Mackey 2013

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