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How to relieve a stiff neck and shoulders in 6 easy ways!

Many folks wonder if sports massage or deep tissue massage will ease their neck pain. Stiff neck and shoulders are often accompanied by an RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) pain in the arms. Sometimes there’s numbness in the fingers too. In other words, the type of scenario that’s built up from long, stressful hours at the desk.
how to relieve stiff neck and shoulders in six easy ways

Sports massage can certainly help relieve stiff neck and shoulders, however there are other things you can do to help yourself; things that will both work on their own, AND help consolidate the benefits of a sports massage. Find out here how to relieve a stiff neck and shoulders in 6 easy ways.

How to relieve your stiff neck and shoulders

1. Move
Stiff neck and shoulders are often caused by a very simple reason – lack of movement. So move! Slowly shrug and rotate your shoulders, turn your head left and right and then slowly bring your chin to your chest. Do it all very sloooowly. Try to be kind and gentle to yourself, and really feel it! Maybe you could check out another one of our articles explaining why do my neck and shoulders hurt?’

2. Drink water
Our bodies get dehydrated working all day long. This makes the muscles stiffer than normal – our bodies need water to lubricate movement – so drink.

3. Have regular breaks
Combine a ‘movement break’ (see number 1) with a ‘water break’ (see number 2) in your daily routine. Try to have a break at least every hour – even a short walk for a glass of water. Eventually it will become second nature. When it does become second nature even the male of our species is able to multi-task, often stretching the shoulders AND looking at the computer screen at the same time. C’mon fellas – lets show those girls our multi-tasking ninja moves.

4. Have a hot bath/use a heat pack or hot water bottle
Heat will bring fresh blood to the stiff areas. It will relax, lengthen and loosen tight muscles and allow more movement. Take a microwavable heat pack to work – and when you get home, run a hot bath. But don’t fall asleep, wake up in a cold bath and be back at square one ;-)

stiff neck and shoulders

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5. Stretch

Think of pussycats. Do they need stretching manuals? Do they ‘time’ their stretches? No. They ‘feel’ what’s going on in their bodies. If it feels nice – they carry on. If it hurts, they stop. Begin to bring a ‘kindly awareness’ to your body. Breathe into the stiff areas, be gentle but investigative. Always remember to breathe. If you feel you want to explore further, Yoga can be a fantastic way to develop a new relationship with your body – maybe try out a few different classes until you find one that’s right for you!

6. Get a sports massage
Even if you’ve done all of the above, and you’ve persuaded your other half to give you a shoulder rub, the chances are (especially if you’ve left it too long) your stiff neck and shoulders will mean you need a professional to get into those difficult spots. Go to a sports and remedial massage therapist. Make sure they’re reputable and qualified. If you live in the UK make sure they have a Level 4 or 5 qualification and are a member of a contactable professional organisation. If the therapist has a website check out their testimonials before you book.

Our Sports Massage therapists can help you with these techniques

If you are looking for a massage in London then our team at City Sports Massage London have many years of experience giving powerful, effective treatments for stiff neck and shoulders. In fact it’s our specialty!

The City Sports Massage Team

The City Sports Massage Team

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Please do remember that reading an article cannot replace the benefit of a face-to-face consultation. If you are in any doubt about the cause or nature of your stiff neck and shoulders, or numb or tingling fingers, you should always consult your Doctor, or a medical professional.

© Jon Gee 2014Jon Gee is the founder of City Sports Massage, a team of massage therapists in London who combine deep-tissue massage therapy with stress-reduction and body-awareness techniques.
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