Our Covent Garden location is now open!

All of our therapists will be operating from Covent Garden. We will be reopening our London Bridge location soon.

Our team schedules are still being finalised and so you will only be able to book appointments 1 – 2 weeks in advance. We will be extending availability as soon as we can.

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Holborn Sports Massage from the CSM team

Are you looking for a local Holborn sports massage therapist to ease your aching back? Are you in pain from sore shoulders and a stiff neck, perhaps caused by too many hours hunched over the computer at work? Are you working out in the gym and then finding it difficult to move in the morning? At City Sports Massage we want to eradicate your pain and get you moving freely again. Find out here how we can help you…

I’m really NOT an athlete, are you sure Sports Massage is suitable?

You bet it is! The healing power of sports massage is tried and tested in the sports arena. These very same techniques can be used on normal aches and pains too. Our Sports massage is tailored especially to responding to your body’s needs and working to cure stresses and strains on the body that massages based solely around relaxation often fail to address. You may be surprised to hear that often the main symptoms we treat are not Martial Arts or running injuries but rather…

  • shoulder tension that creates constant pain

A good sports massage with plenty of deep tissue work:

  • releases and relaxes soreness
  • loosens tension
  • eases and soothes pain

As a result you’re more able to hold a better posture, helping to prevent a re-occurrence of the symptoms. In addition the CSM team at our Holborn sports massage clinic give our clients homework to help keep you moving freely. The rest of the team at our other locations also provide stretching and postural advice where appropriate.

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Our Holborn Sports Massage clinic is available Monday to Friday

If you want an appointment in the week just call 020 7242 6665 and ask for City Sports Massage. For a weekend appointment visit our overview schedule page for details. Our Holborn sports massage clinic, close to Chancery Lane, has massages available from Fuschia Farrow, Jacky Sayers and Kathy Breslin, all of who will give you a fantastic, effective treatment. You can find out more about them from our Sports Massage Therapist page. We have featured a little information on Jacky right here.

Jack Sayer Holborn Sports Massage therapist

Jacky Sayer of City Sports Massage Holborn clinic

Holborn sports massage therapist Jacky Sayer’s intuitive and creative skills, combined with determination and good humour, make her an exceptional sports massage therapist. Like all City Sports Massage therapists she is keenly motivated to direct others from pain and dysfunction into free and easy movement. This means she provides supreme sports massage therapy to help get you better, AND provides advice that you can take home, to help you in your continuing improvement.

But won’t a Sports Massage hurt? I’m already sore.

Sports massage can sometimes be a little uncomfortable, but you should instinctively feel that this discomfort is doing you the world of good. However, it is important it feels right for YOU, and we always ask you to communicate if you would like things done differently. We are very flexible – and can work as hard, or as softly as you require. Many of our clients are surprised at how relaxing our remedial treatments can be – whilst still getting great results.

Sometimes you may feel a little sore after a sports massage. This is generally a sign that useful work has been carried out, and can provide a normal indication of the healing process.

Your local Holborn sports massage therapist is waiting to help you. If you’re looking for pain relief give our Holborn Sports Massage clinic a call on 0207 242 6665. We’re within easy reach of Chancery Lane, Russell Sq. or Holborn tube stations.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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