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Flora London Marathon 2009 – Where to get a good Sports Massage?

This post was originally written for the Flora London Marathon 2009 but the sentiment still holds for this year’s Virgin London Marathon. We’ve now updated this post with more information!

Sports massage for marathon training is about maximising results and minimising chance of injury. Getting regular sports massage should be part of every serious athlete’s regime, as prevention really is better than cure.

Training for the London marathon means enduring all sorts of hardships apart from the actual gristly training; maybe missing your partner on weekend mornings, missing out on post-work drinks, even the frustration of trying to explain your diet to others. Sports massage can offer protection, helping ensure a better chance of such hard efforts turning into marathon success.


City Sports Massage working with a London Marathon Runner

The place to go is City Sports Massage, of course!

At City Sports Massage we love obsession. It’s in our blood; and that’s why we provide such a warm welcome to long distance runners who come through our door. Whether they’re running the New York, Chicago or the Dublin marathons, the Great North or the Great South runs, we love treating them all.

We specialise in providing support to those in marathon training. We keep hip flexors flexible, shin splints soothed, Achilles tendonitis tamed, plantar fasciitis at bay, and we knock out knee pain. And also, not least, we give moral support, encouragement and advice.

Injuries caused by over-training, new running shoes, bad posture, and over-tight muscles are just some of the reasons that London Marathon runners come to see us at City Sports Massage during their marathon training.

Preventing injuries in the build up to the London Marathon

Our reputation as a top quality service provider in Central London means we get runners from all over the world coming through our doors; often coming straight from Heathrow Airport to get a massage! Many of these clients enjoy the benefits of preventative sports massage; flushing out lactic acid and easing muscles soreness from those last few miles of training, or a long haul flight! One of our aims is to help our clients ‘listen’ to their bodies and the messages the body is trying to relay; and in doing so prevent small niggles becoming big injuries.

Many of our marathon running clients go on to run triathlons and ultra marathons. Check out what others like ultra marathon runner Jon McGowan say about our service, and how it’s helped them train!

Don’t you deserve to get to that starting line injury free, and properly prepared to run the best time you can? Make sure you get to that finish line delighted with your time, AND having enjoyed the day. Book an appointment with one of our therapists, and let us help you do it!

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  • © Jon Gee 2013Jon Gee is the founder of City Sports Massage, a team of sports massage therapists based in London who combine deep-tissue massage therapy with stress-reduction and body-awareness techniques. We are a dedicated team, very experienced with working with London Marathon runners, we’re based in London at four central locations, come and see us!
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