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The best sports massage London has to offer!

It can be tough trying to find the best sports massage London has to offer. Jon Gee has travelled the world trying out different massage therapists, and understands the frustration that is caused when a massage therapist doesn’t listen; and subsequently doesn’t deliver. Jon founded City Sports Massage determined to lead a team that would not only listen to clients, but deliver results too. The team continues to strive hard to make sure their clients never experience the frustration of a pointless session…Read on to find out why City Sports Massage’s clients believe the CSM team provide the best sports massage London has to offer!

The City Sports Massage team offers primarily pain relief for people suffering with injuries. The injuries we treat are sometimes sports related, and sometimes caused by work or stress. Spending hours at a desk working on a computer can result in pain and discomfort that is just as painful as that experienced by sports people.

Our brand of sports massage focuses on what our clients’ individual priorities are. We focus on delivering a treatment session that is targeted and specific. Even if that specific target is a ‘general all over relaxation massage’. We do that too!

It’s all about results – we want to give YOU what you came for!

How else do you guys aim to provide the best sports massage London has to offer?

As well as being professionally qualified and experienced, ALL of the therapists on our team have undergone our Postgraduate Training Scheme. That’s EXTRA training to ensure consistency of quality for YOU.
As well as being naturally friendly folk, we are very honest – we won’t tell you to come in for a session if we don’t think you need it! Each consultation with a City Sports Massage therapist involves us listening to your needs and concerns; and working out a session plan together. If you have several pressing issues that cannot be treated in one session we will discuss your priorities. In addition, we will offer advice and support in how to make your pain or injuries more manageable post treatment.

PLUS – and here’s a biggie – if we give you any exercises to do, they WON’T feel like boring homework.

Wow! How do you make your post sports massage exercises NOT boring?

One of our biggest passions is encouraging our clients to understand their own bodies. We have found that when we help our clients develop a deeper, experiential understanding of their own physicality, that exercises can start to actually feel relevant. Although it helps that we have spent years crafting and hohning our trade; we mostly achieve this through teamwork in the treatment room. We believe relationships (including relationships with one’s own body) are founded on listening, and effective, two way communication and understanding.

From our company’s inception we have set out to be best sports massage London has to offer – and receiving, acknowledging, and acting on client feedback is part of how we strive to achieve that.

Fuchsia of City Sports Massage - the team who aim to provide the best sports massage London has to offer.

Fuchsia of City Sports Massage – the team who aim to provide the best sports massage London has to offer.

“I wasn’t going to mention the pain I had been experiencing in my hip (hip jip) as I didn’t think that it was a muscular issue. However, Fuchsia gave me a great insight into the world of deep tissue massage and the way the body works. She explained everything she was doing and responded to any feedback I had to give. This was a really positive
experience. I’d recommend it to anyone who plays a lot of sport and finds themselves limping around at work the next day. It’s worth the money and Fuchsia is great!” Tom Moran

Ok I think I’m sold, enough, already! What else do your clients say?

Check out a recent testimonial from sports fitness trainer Bryony…

The Mayfair Clinic of City Sports Massage has become my “go to” place for my aches and pains. “I’m a fitness trainer (for the Tracy Anderson Method) and my body gets pushed to its limits. I worked with Jon and Fuchsia and was so impressed by their healing hands. I have recommended them to everyone I know. After two sessions with Jon I was walking around pain free – he sorted out my back problems and shin splints. He is a master of his trade! Thank you for all the help you have given me!!!” Bryony Giboin

Jon Gee of City Sports Massage - the team who aim to provide the best sports massage London has to offer.

Jon Gee of City Sports Massage – the team who aim to provide the best sports massage London has to offer.

And Robert too…

“I’ve lost count of the colleagues, friends and family I’ve recommended go see Jon Gee, for one simple reason: he’s brilliant at what he does! Not only is he a fantastic sports massage therapist, but I always find my sessions with him mentally therapeutic too. I’ve had treatments all over the world that purport to be sports massages, and none of them come even remotely close.” Robert Benton

We want to give YOU the best sport massage London has to offer. Whether you’re an office worker suffering sore shoulders, or a runner needing to maintain a training program for a marathon – City Sports Massage want to give you an exceptional treatment; and make YOU feel like you’ve had the best sports massage in London!

Please remember we have clinics in Holborn WC1London Bridge SE1Mayfair/Marble Arch W1 & Highbury & Islington N1. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon; and helping you maintain a full, happy, healthy life!

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© Jon Gee 2013 Jon Gee is the founder of City Sports Massage, a team of sports massage therapists based in London who combine deep-tissue massage therapy with stress-reduction and body-awareness techniques. Jon’s articles have been published in the peer reviewed Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies. He specialises in teaching postgraduate sports massage therapists advanced intuitive massage skills through the application of his mindfulness-based approach. Jon’s work teaching therapists enables them to teach their clients how to develop their own pain relieving, body awareness skills.
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