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5 reasons you might have Holiday Season Burnout – and how massage can help

The holiday season can be a fantastic time of parties, family and friends. But is it like that for everyone? How can you avoid stress – and STILL have a good time?

Holiday Season Burnout?

Holiday Season Burnout?

1. Overwhelmed by the amount of work events/drinks you have to attend.

It sounds fun meeting up with friends and colleagues, but a busy schedule can see you missing your time for the gym or yoga, diets go out of the window, and hangovers interfere with everything, making punishing work schedules seem like mountains to climb. Being tired/dehydrated/hungover makes everything more difficult.

Remembering to drink water, fruit/herbal teas or cool coconut water can help you stay hydrated – try and pick one you like – don’t make it a chore – enjoy it!

Taking time out for a good quality, expert deep tissue, or sports massage can lead to you feeling more relaxed, and more able to meet friends and colleagues with a warm smile, and perhaps feel less of the need to lean on too much of the mulled wine (delicious though it is!)

2. Xmas shopping.

Streets are busy, elbows are sharp, and bustling in and out of overheated shops when the weather outside is really cold. Try and take short breaks, gently explore movement in your neck, shoulders and spine – they’ve possibly been stiffening and contracting as they brace against the blasts of cold air.

Or instead of trudging through wintry streets looking for presents, have you thought of sports massage gift vouchers? And if your body feels tired and sore, or you are still suffering from a painful neck and shoulders from carrying heavy bags, what about keeping it going with a fantastic, healing remedial massage treatment? If you’re shopping in London’s Oxford Street, City Sports Massage have the perfect location, just a 3 minute walk from Oxford St, close to Marble Arch tube station. All of the City Sports Massage locations are right next to tube stations, including London Bridge, Holborn/Chancery Lane, and Highbury & Islington.

3. Negotiating with families/taking care of others’ needs.

Xmas can be a time of dilemma – If you have relatives to stay with it can seem like an impossible task to make the right decision about who to spend time with, and when to spend time with them over the holiday season. Despite you wanting everyone to be happy, it’s easy to feel like you’re letting one side down…

Taking care of relatives’ feelings, or negotiating difficult family relationships can be truly draining and exhausting, and it’s very important that you take care of your OWN needs, especially at times when you are giving so much energy out.

A massage treatment from an experienced, aware massage therapist can provide you with much needed space, and time to reconnect with yourself and your body and mind. Restoring a happy, healthy, positive and energetic frame of mind, and body free of pain can help you connect with others much more calmly and peacefully.

4. Trying to wind up the working year before the break.

Feel like you need to put projects to bed before the end of the year? Want a sense of completion before you take a break?

The New Year is a period of reflection. We look at our achievements, struggles, successes, and our lives and relationships over the last year. It is common to want to achieve a sense of completion – but that can lead us to push towards goals that may be unrealistic, and perhaps hard on ourselves. Taking an hour or so out for good quality bodywork in the form of an expert massage treatment can remind us about the miracle that is our bodies, and it can help restore healthy, pain free functioning muscles, and promote a soothed, relaxed mind.

5. A combination of all of the above!

In rush towards the end of year, it’s so easy to forget about yourself and your own wellbeing! At City Sports Massage we want to help you maximise your opportunity to be relaxed, and ENJOY the festive season.

Xmas, New Year and the holiday season is traditionally a time when we think of others. By looking after ourselves we can do a much better job of looking after others – Refreshed, relaxed, pain free, peaceful, and joyful. We look forward to seeing you in the clinic soon. Book here now!

Season’s Greetings from all at City Sports Massage!

© Jon Gee 2013 Jon Gee is the founder of City Sports Massage, a team of sports massage therapists based in London who combine deep-tissue massage therapy with stress-reduction and body-awareness techniques. Jon has worked with body dynamics for almost two decades, and specialises in treating pain that is chronic and longstanding. He often incorporates the teaching of mindfulness, breathing and body awareness skills, in order to help clients self-manage, and be less reliant on massage/bodywork treatments. Jon also teaches other massage therapists, and health practitioners, and has written articles on his teaching methods for the peer-reviewed Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies.
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