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City Sports Massage founder Jon Gee is a psychotherapist, yoga teacher and mindfulness/meditation instructor. He has been a remedial therapist/bodyworker since 2004. 

He specialises in helping clients resolve deeply held, recurring patterns. This includes addressing long term, chronic pain and stress, often through exploring the relationship between the physical, emotional and psychological.  

His mindfulness-based approach to bodywork can include guided/exploratory movement, breathing and body awareness, and hands on work. He helps clients establish a set of bespoke techniques with which they might self-manage and self-heal. This work takes place on a shiatsu or yoga mat, or in the consultation chair. 

Jon has been inspired and influenced by many kind teachers, and also by his own experience of diverse, movement-based activities such as dance, climbing, diving, martial arts, weightlifting, trapeze, and the performing arts.
He teaches other massage therapists,  yoga teachers, and health practitioners, and has written articles on his teaching methods for the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies 
The Evening Standard recently featured Jon in "London's Best Sports Massage", where he was colourfully described as having "superhuman strength with a holistic approach to pain management..."

Jon offers one to one yoga (Ashtanga vinyasa, restorative and remedial) and mindfulness/meditation sessions at his Harley Street Clinic. These can form part of a bodywork session, or be stand alone. For all movement-based work please bring light stretchy clothing.

Jon is a BACP registered Psychotherapist, and offers psychotherapy in Harley Street W1.

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Jon Gee Principal Sports Massage Therapist
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    • SN=Snowsfields Wellness
    • London Bridge SE1
    • Tel:0333 358 8888
    • HLC=Healthy Living Centre
    • Highbury & Islington N1
    • Tel:0333 358 8888
    • HS=Harley St - Oxford Circus / Bond Street
    • W1
    • Tel:0333 358 8888
    • GV=Good Vibes Fitness
    • WC2H
    • Tel:0333 358 8888
Day Clinic
MonHS: 1:00 PM- 8:00 PM
TueHS: 12:00 PM- 8:00 PM
ThuHS: 12:00 PM- 8:00 PM

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It’s not just us that love Jon, our clients do too

Can massage be life changing? The answer is, yes; when you are talking about a massage therapist like Jon Gee. I have been seeing Jon for a couple of years now, and I have found the sessions life enhancing unlike any other therapy. Jon does so much more than the usual massage therapists—who merely maul and pummel your muscles. Jon teaches you how to let go of long-held tension, both physical and mental, and shows you how the physical and mental realms are intimately connected.

For me the experience is one of finally learning how to relax, after years of being constantly tense and stuck in ‘fight or flight’ mode. The sessions with Jon have gradually changed my outlook on life, work and relationships, and I think my friends and family would tell you I am a far more relaxed and harmonious person to spend time with these days! I feel far more physically and emotionally aware of both myself and others, but this is coupled with a great sense of calm and a huge absence of all the ‘mental noise’ and physical stress that used to accompany me.

In short, if it works for you as it has for me, Jon’s physical and mental ‘mindfulness’ teaching can help you gain the space to become yourself. And to become calmer, happier, and healthier in the process. I’d recommend him to anyone suffering of physical or mental pain of any kind. Thank you Jon!


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