for Principal Therapist Jon Gee

How good is it? it‘s the best damn professional massage I‘ve had! and I‘ve had a few, from Indian gurus in Berlin to sports therapists in Manhattan and they didn‘t come close. Jon is very strong, confident, knowledgeable, intuitive, sensitive and has a great couch-side manner. I cannot recommend him highly enough and will be back for more soon myself.

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Lucifire International Burlesque Performer/Extreme Artist

I first went to see Jon on the recommendation of an acrobat friend. I had been suffering from lower back pain which numerous trips to an osteopath hadn't been able to resolve, whereas Jon was able to resolve it in fairly quick time. Before going to Jon, I had been feeling pretty demoralised and so I was thrilled that he was so skilled with his massage treatments and I was able to return to robust physical activity again. I've seen several massage therapists over the years but Jon is unique, and I've put my trust in him to resolve many other physical issues I've had since those first treatments. He's fantastic for a body M.O.T.!

Matt Mueller Film Journalist - www.mattmueller.co.uk

I've lost count of the colleagues, friends and family I've recommended go see Jon, for one simple reason: he's brilliant at what he does! Not only is he a fantastic sports massage therapist, but I always find my sessions with him mentally therapeutic too. I've had treatments all over the world that purport to be sports massages, and none of them come even remotely close.

Robert Benton Assistant General Counsel. AIG.

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