for Senior Massage Therapist Jacky Sayers

One month into training for my first marathon attempt I booked in to visit Jacky at the Holborn Clinic. Having never experienced a Sports Massage before, I was very nervous and apprehensive about what was in store for having heard some pretty scary stories from friends and colleagues! I’m pleased to say Jacky was absolutely fantastic and made me feel instantly at ease. She identified the source of the problems I’ve been having (very tight calves!) while somehow avoiding putting me in any pain at all during the treatment. The stretches that she suggested have made a huge difference to me and I have recommended her to everyone at work already! Huge thanks Jacky and the City Sports Massage team – can’t wait for my next appointment!

Katie Woodrow Assistant Project Manager, Sports Engagement Agency

I visited Holborn and saw Jacky Sayers.

Great knowledge and manner - not too hard sell on further treatment and good after advice on stretching etc. excellent service and manner.

Rachid Ahouiyek

I was seen by Jacky at the Theobalds Road clinic. My previous experience of sports massage has been at a physio clinic, where a lot of the focus was on curative work (correcting posture and running style). 

I made an appointment to see Jacky for some pain relief in my back - having spent the past year changing my biomechanics I have neglected to think about how my muscles were working before, and what I'm putting them through!

The treatment itself was excellent, and I didn't feel rushed (even though the hour wasn't quite enough time). I felt the right sort of relief - and have become aware of other, secondary sources of tightness - in the days following the treatment.

The most rewarding part of the experience, however, was the way Jacky took the time to give me plenty of straightforward information about what was going on during the treatment. She helped me relate it to my training and the transition I have been making.

Most importantly, she was very clear about where massage therapy could help me, and where it couldn't. I feel better informed about what my options are, and how I can think differently about sports massage as a means to aiding my transition and managing potential problems, rather than turning to it only when the pain is becoming a hindrance.

Christian Wong

While you were reading testimonials your temples were still aching. Don’t wait, let Jacky take a look today…