for Senior Massage Therapist Bart Makowski

I recently visited the Holborn clinic for the first time and had a sports massage from Bart. The clinic is close to my office so perfectly situated for me and was very highly rated on Google.

The service didn’t disappoint... Bart was prompt in welcoming me and sitting us down to discuss my history and what I was looking to focus on.

Bart sought feedback during the session to make sure I was comfortable with the pressure applied and was also helpful in offering me advice on new stretches to alleviate the problem areas.

Overall I was very happy with the service received, and am already booked in for another session!

Gordon International benefits consultant

I visited your Highbury & Islington branch and Snowsfields branch.

I received all together 3 sessions of sport massages given by Bart.
I am a knitwear designer and play ice hockey as hobby. I had been having a problem with groin & shoulders for a while. That was the reason why I contacted City Sports Massage. The treatments I was given were very thorough and Bart gave me more than a few bits of useful advice about how to prevent future injuries. The ice hockey season is still ongoing, and therefore, I will need another treatment in near future!

Kaori Okumura

I visited the Highbury clinic for a great massage after dislocating my shoulder. Bart was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful about my injury specifically and the muscles and movement around it. He also listened to what I needed and felt and was really professional all round. I felt great during and immediately after the massage, and have been a lot more mobile and pain-free since. I'll be back - thanks!

Ian Policy wonk / researcher

Sore muscles? Achy shoulders?