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Why do I need an arm massage and where is the best place to go?

We are regularly asked ‘do you do arm massages?’ Often those working at desks, holding the same posture for hours on end will develop pain in their arms, maybe tingling fingers too. The funny thing is that even though your fingers sometimes feel tingly it’s often the area around the armpit and shoulder joint that needs massaging. This is because the lack of movement in the shoulder joint (caused by bad posture, or working on a computer for hours on end) causes a build up of hardened tissue – which in turn presses on the the bundle of nerves that travel down the arm. So often pain in the arm and fingers is either caused by, or aggravated by, tightness in the armpit, shoulder girdle and chest.

So quite simply holding a mouse, or clicking away on a laptop can cause pain in the arm, tingling in the fingers, and tightness in the forearms too. All of which can be helped by massage. We sometimes advise clients to try using the mouse with the other hand (which trains the brain too!)

And then there’s the weightlifters, bodybuilders, and gym bunnies who grip too hard on the bars they’re lifting and pulling, causing the forearm to take the strain instead of the muscles they should be working.

So find a good, reputable sports massage therapist, and get a decent, focused massage. You’ll find few simple changes of habits can help keep you out of pain. If you’re in London, check out our clinic locations, where our therapists can help and advise you on these issues – not just in providing immediate pain relief, but looking at long term solutions of how to stay pain free.