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Sports massage in Highbury & Islington at the Healthy Living Centre

The Healthy Living Centre on St. Paul’s Road has been the location for City Sports Massage in Highbury & Islington for many years. The CSM team, though a small team of sports massage therapists, attract international referalls through providing effective pain relief for professional clients from all walks of life. That includes office workers, pregnant mums, and athletes of all descriptions.

The City Sports Massage team successfully treat all kinds of painful conditions. Whilst sore neck and shoulders might be the most common ailment, the team regularly treat sports injuries such as shin splints and hamstring tears, and issues such as sciatica and headaches. One of the most popular requests is from prenatal, and postnatal mums with sore muscles requiring a pregnancy massage! Sports massage is NOT exclusively for athletes, regular non-sporty people can, and DO benefit from the remedial and deep tissue massage techniques that City Sports Massage offer.

A visit to City Sports Massage in Highbury & Islington is all about YOU

When you book a sports massage in Highbury & Islington with City Sports Massage, the focus is on YOU and YOUR NEEDS. We understand how frustrating it is to not get your needs met – which is why we listen carefully, and make sure that we understand you, and can therefore work with you – to make sure you receive the treatment you came to us for.

The treatment I received from Jacky was just what I needed, and I wish I hadn’t waited so long to make a booking. I felt my whole body was crumbling. Jacky was great at listening to my complaints and then focusing on the key areas. Her treatment has made a real difference after just one session, but I will be returning to see her again and make more progress. Her explanations and advice were very beneficial throughout the session.

Luisa Serafini

Worried that a visit to City Sports Massage in Highbury & Islington will be too painful?

We believe effective communication between client and therapist is essential. Although we are experienced sports massage/remedial massage therapists, and want to be as helpful as possible in guiding you through your treatment; YOU are in charge. We know that some Folks are worried that deep tissue massage will be painful – and equally others are concerned it will not be powerful enough. City Sports Massage in Highbury & Islington are known for working within our clients’ comfort zones. We want you to recommend us; not run away from us – and you might be surprised how we get great results, often with gentle work…

I had a massage with Jacky at the Healthy Living Centre, St Paul’s Road, Islington. She was fantastic. Not only did she sort the issue I had with my neck, she also gave me very useful advice. Most sports massages I’ve had are very firm, but Jacky’s approach to my neck was very gentle, and to my surprise, worked perfectly. I was drifting off to sleep by the end, which shows how relaxing it was. And when I got up I had full mobility back in my neck/back.


Visit City Sports Massage in Highbury & Islington – on SUNDAYS too!

Our sports massage therapists bring soothing pain relief throughout the week – and in Highbury & Islington that also includes Sundays too! Our resident hero on Sundays is Jacky Sayers

Jacky Sayers providing pain relief with sports massage in Highbury & Islington

Jackie Sayers providing pain relief with sports massage in Highbury

Jacky works hard to take her clients from a position of pain, discomfort and dysfunction into pain-free, easy movement. Her intuitive massage skills, determination and personable nature make her an excellent sports massage therapist. The fact that she’ll deliver all this on a SUNDAY makes her a hero to us, and everyone who sees her on Sundays too!

Check out her schedule; and the other days/times the City Sports Massage team are available in Highbury & Islington by clicking the ‘Book Now’ link below. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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© Jon Gee 2013Jon Gee is the founder of City Sports Massage, a team of sports massage therapists based in London who combine deep-tissue massage therapy with stress-reduction and body-awareness techniques. Jon’s articles have been published in the peer reviewed Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies. He specialises in teaching postgraduate sports massage therapists advanced intuitive massage skills through the application of his mindfulness-based approach. Jon’s work teaching therapists enables them to teach their clients how to develop their own pain relieving, body awareness skills.