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  1. What is sports massage? City Sports Massage London team explains all!

    What is sports massage? The City Sports Massage London team explains all!

    What is sports massage? The City Sports Massage London team explains all!

    What is sports massage? The City Sports Massage London team explains all!

    In this article the City Sports Massage London team will try to answer some of the questions that they get asked on a regular basis. Terms like ‘sports massage’, or ‘deep tissue massage’ can be confusing for those not already ‘in the know’. Some Folks think you have to be sporty or athletic to benefit from this type of massage treatment. Whilst sports massage is incredibly popular with runners, cyclists, marathon and triathlon competitors, and sports people of all persuasions, regular office folk, pregnant women, and students and workers of all descriptions can benefit immensely too.

    What is sports massage?

    Our London sports massage team have been asked this question countless times – and the answer is a simple one; sports massage is simply a deep tissue massage that aims to massage and manipulate the muscles, stretch out the fascia, and work remedially to ease tightness and restrictions. Clients are often confused by such terms as ‘NMT’ (Neuromuscular Therapy), ‘STR’ (Soft Tissue Release), and ‘Myofascial Release‘ – but really these are technical terms – and the understanding of such terms is mostly relevant to the sports massage therapist rather than client (unless of course they are interested!). Such techniques form part of a toolkit that the massage therapist can use to work in a way that suits the individual client. Some of these techniques involve the client being active (ie actively getting involves with the stretching) this can be useful, but also tiring for someone that’s had a long day in the office. A good sports massage therapist will know when their client could benefit from something that is just as effective, but requires less hard work on the part of the client.

    How does sports massage work?

    Sports Massage separates tissues that are stuck together. Muscles (and the fascia that surround them) become stuck after injury, misuse, lack of use, stress and tension. Sports and remedial massage can soften such hardened tissue, and can allow more movement and mobility around joints that have become stiff and painful.

    Is sports massage for me?

    Many of those looking for sports massage (especially in London!) are befuddled by the sheer amount of different descriptions of massage services. The problems that cause muscular tension are as varied as the ways that human beings can use their bodies. Sports massage aims to restore function and eradicate pain whether the discomfort has originated in bad posture from desk work, or throwing oneself around a rugby or football pitch – so the answer is – yes – if your problem is a muscular one then sports massage might help!

    But is sports massage painful?

    The truth is it is entirely UP TO YOU. But you should find a reputable sports massage therapist who is willing to listen to your requirements – and that includes your pain threshold. Sports massage does NOT need to be brutal. There are times when things might need to be tough – BUT that is something that should be negotiated with YOU. You should never feel that the pain is too much – because in those circumstances your muscles will simply tense up – and that’s exactly the opposite of what a good sports massage therapist should be trying to achieve! The next question is how do you choose a sports massage therapist?

    How do I choose a sports massage therapist?

    We have written an article here about ‘how to choose the right sports massage therapist‘. It’s not just relevant for those looking for a sports massage in London, but is meant for those looking for a sports massage anywhere in the world!

    What do City Sports Massage London specialise in?

    We specialise in using breathing and body awareness to help our clients get to know their bodies – to learn techniques that they can use at home. This can include stress management and mindfulness techniques which is a speciality of City Sports Massage London Principal Therapist Jon Gee. Over the years we have noticed that often clients HATE stretching – but in fact if its done the right way, with gentleness and kindness and by using the breath, it can be not just effective – but extremely enjoyable too! No one likes doing something that doesnt get results AND is painful too, so we try to educate and inform. Really, we aim to make sure our clients don’t come back too often – unless they want too. We like to soothe, to ease pain, to educate, and especially, to empower.

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    Please note that this article is for general information purposes only. If you are suffering from a medical condition, diagnosis should be carried out by your Doctor, or a medical professional. City Sports Massage are not liable for the content of any external websites.

    © Jon Gee 2014 Jon Gee is the founder of City Sports Massage, a team of sports massage therapists based in London who combine deep-tissue massage therapy with stress-reduction and body-awareness techniques. Jon has worked with body dynamics for almost two decades, and specialises in treating pain that is chronic and longstanding. He often incorporates the teaching of mindfulness, breathing and body awareness skills, in order to help clients self-manage, and be less reliant on massage/bodywork treatments. Jon also teaches other massage therapists, and health practitioners, and has written articles on his teaching methods for the peer-reviewed Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies.
  2. City Sports Massage London Marathon Runners – how do they do it?

    We call our London Marathon clients ‘City Sports Massage London Marathon Runners’. How do they keep up their marathon training with the aid of sports massage?

    City Sports Massage London Marathon Runners - how do they do it?

    City Sports Massage London Marathon Runners – how do they do it?

    Sports massage for London Marathon runners is an essential part of a training regime that involves pounding London streets and parks. Sports massage for marathon training is about maximising results and minimising chance of injury.

    For those running the marathon in London, sports massage can offer protection, helping to ensure all of the hard work it takes to train for a marathon results in an enjoyable, fruitful, and heroic day!

    So how do City Sports Massage London Marathon Runners supplement their training regime?

    City Sports Massage London Marathon Runners tend to have regular treatments that help them keep their bodies balanced – supple to prevent injury, and supported to maximise strength and stamina.

    Our City Sports Massage London Marathon running clients get support from us by communicating their needs. By listening carefully to their requirements, and responding to their bodies requests, we are able to utilise our years of experience to help get them get to the starting line injury free. As well as treating sciatica, shin splints and tight glutes, we flush out lactic acid/DOMS, help repair damaged tissues, and revitalise aching muscles. We want our City Sports Massage London Marathon Runners to feel pain free, confident, happy, and look forward to running the best time they can.

    We like to help City Sports Massage London Marathon runners by encouraging a deep body awareness – so they will be able to tell when they need a treatment – and equally when they are fine without one. Body awareness is an important part of training in itself – and helps prevent injury, and improves the enjoyment of the training process.

    Many of our City Sports Massage London Marathon running clients go on to run ultra marathons. Why not check out some of our other articles below?

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  3. Mindfulness for Massage Therapists – with Myofascial Release. 2 Day CPD Workshop with Jon Gee

    Mindfulness has seen a surge in popularity in both the health sciences, and the press – due to clinical studies confirming its efficacy in helping to create better outcomes; both in the treatment room, and in daily life. This workshop is a chance to find out what it’s all about; and be one of those at the forefront of your industry.

    How can Mindfulness help our clients?

    Many of our clients, especially office, or sedentary workers, are locked in breathing patterns that create, or at least maintain cycles of pain and dysfunction – particularly around the upper back, neck and chest. In this intensive two day workshop, Jon Gee leads the investigation into the link between the breath, the body and the mind – and teaches treatment interventions, including Myofascial Release – to increase awareness, restore movement, improve function, and eradicate pain.

    Mindfulness for Massage Therapists - with Jon Gee

    Mindfulness for Massage Therapists – with Jon Gee

    What will I learn on the Mindfulness for Massage Therapists Workshop?

    You will learn how to:

    Begin to incorporate the art and science of Mindfulness into your clinical practice, and your life – and have practical Mindfulness tools to take away.

    Understand how breathing and pain is related to the fight, flight or freeze responses – and how to use appropriate treatment interventions.

    Gain an understanding of the role and functions of fascia.

    Understand how fascia can create pain and dysfunction, and how this can be resolved.

    Understand how to combine Mindfulness and Myofascial Release to create successful treatment outcomes.

    Begin to teach your clients body awareness, encourage proprioception, and help clients turn dysfunction into function.

    Communicate ALL of these concepts to your clients in ways that are simple and engaging, and will create and foster therapeutic alliances, and in turn expand your practice exponentially.

    Be calmer, and more confident and compassionate. Know you are working safely.

    Listening with the heart...

    Listening with the heart…

    I’ve done a Myofascial Release Course – is this the same?

    This workshop is a journey of discovery that aims to foster intuitive exploration of fascial networks by deepening awareness of present moment experience. The aim of the workshop is NOT simply to have a set of mechanical tools, but rather a set of internal tools which might minimise the need for an exhaustive (and exhausting) list of manual bodywork techniques.

    For complete beginners to Myofascial Release this workshop will provide an introduction, and for those who have already undertaken Myofascial training this workshop can provide a very different approach to expanding and developing therapeutic skills.

    I’m a Yoga Teacher/Pilates Instructor/Physiotherapist/Osteopath/Chiropractor – and want to gain confidence in the adjustments/release work I already do – is this workshop suitable?

    This workshop will help attune your senses to your clients’ patterns of tension and rhythms of breath. You should find yourself easing into a more intuitive, natural sync with your client, and feel more confident that you are providing a safe, nurturing touch. Developing your awareness can allow you to have greater confidence, and coupled with the communication skills that this workshops will help develop, can allow you to more successfully negotiate the adjustments, or monitor and lead the rehabilitative exercises that you are trained to deliver.

    For those with existing qualifications in massage/remedial manual therapy, the Myofascial Release taught in this workshop can be done with the client fully clothed, or through a towel. As well as being a standalone treatment, it can work as a very useful adjunct to other modalities.

    Please note that completion of this workshop does not constitute a qualification to practice bodywork.

    I’m a Massage Therapist/Physiotherapist/Osteopath/Chiropractor – and want to hone and develop my manual skills – is this workshop suitable?

    Yes – at the core of this workshop is observation – of both self and environment. It can lead to a better understanding of both self and clients, encouraging a greater comfort within; which in turn can translate as a therapeutic touch that not only picks up more information for the therapist, but is also feels safer, more nurturing, and more effective for the client.

    Who can apply to join the Mindfulness for Massage Therapists CPD Workshop?

    Applications to attend our two day intensive Mindfulness for Massage Therapists – with Myofascial Release CPD workshop are invited from Massage Therapists, Myofascial Release Therapists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Pilates instructors or Yoga teachers – from beginner to teacher.

    All applicants must hold a recognised A & P qualification.

    Please note this is a CPD workshop for qualified practitioners, and completion of this workshop does not constitute a qualification to practice bodywork. Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance after completion of the full two days.

    Learning how Mindfulness for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers can help your practice.

    Learning how Mindfulness for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers can help your practice.

    Where can I read reviews or testimonials about these workshops?

    “The skills I’ve learned through the thoughtful, insightful workshops delivered by Jon Gee will be things I’ll keep with me for the rest of my life – above and beyond work…”
    Kath Breslin. Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist.

    It pays to do your research when signing up for CPD workshops for Bodyworkers. Read reviews about Jon’s workshops here

    When/Where/How Much?

    The following dates are available in 2014; Please not places are strictly limited and allocated on a first come first served basis.

    24th/25th May
    28th/29th June
    6th/7th Sept
    15th/16th Nov

    Venue: Islington, London.
    Investment: £250.

    How do I book?

    To apply to book please complete the following contact form. Please include your qualifications, and your preferred dates.

    About Jon Gee

    Jon Gee has worked with body dynamics for almost two decades, starting out his career as a trapeze artist before specialising in bodywork nearly ten years ago. He has since written articles for the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies on his methods for teaching other professional health practitioners how to access intuition through Mindfulness.

    His interests in the art and science of Mindfulness have informed the creation of ‘The Elemental Approach’, and underpin the now world-renowned, London-based City Sports Massage. Jon has trained some of the most successful sports massage therapists currently working in Central London. His students have gone on to work with the very best of those in the worlds of International Finance, Fashion, Academia and the Media, as well as countless sports obsessives pitting themselves successfully against unlikely odds.

    Jon has a very friendly, and down to Earth manner, and is passionate about assisting his clients and students on their own voyages of discovery – and helping them develop a deep sense of confidence, insight and personal empowerment. In addition to his teaching work, and the work he undertakes at his private practice in Mayfair, Jon also works as a Psychotherapist-in-training. He has a daily yoga and meditation practice and regularly attends 10 day silent meditation retreats, in an attempt to further explore the connection between mind and body.