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  1. Sports Massage on the Weekend in London – Every Saturday & Sunday! is now offering sports and remedial / deep tissue massage in London seven days a week.

    We have a new therapist, Michelle Pollard, starting on 6th June 2008 who will be working Friday & Saturday at Natureworks (nr Bond St tube / just off Oxford St and opposite Selfridges) in Central London.

    Sundays will be at The Healthy Living Centre, 3 minutes from Highbury and Islington Tube. This centre is also very close to Holloway Road and not far from Angel, Stoke Newington and Hackney.

    You can read more about Michelle here and see full details of times and days available on the contact page of the website!

  2. Traumeel Cream for Sports Injuries

    Traumeel Cream
    I’ve been raving about a new discovery recently – Traumeel Cream. Recently I massaged the dancers/aerialists that performed the opening ceremony for the Royal Festival Hall. One of them mentioned she had been using this cream for years and was convinced it was better than Arnica Gel (which you’ll know I normally recommend) So thinking this cream deserved some thorough research..I discovered it has been PROVEN to work – accelerating the healing of muscle tissue damage and bruising. It is used by many football teams and other athletes. It is also INCREDIBLY hard to get hold of as it does not seem to be that well known outside of sports teams in this country – it is very common in Germany however where it originates.

    It is a natural, homeopathic remedy which contains Arnica as well as Echinacea, Chamomile and several other plant ingredients. Because finding this cream is so difficult I thought Id set up an account and buy a few in from the UK distributor – I did and they sold out within days. So I have just placed an order for more – it’s £15 plus £2.75 postage a tube – you can get it here!

  3. A career in Sports Massage in London?

    Massage as a Career?
    I get regular emails from people who want to know what it’s like being a sports and remedial massage therapist in London. So I thought this might be helpful for those who are considering it as a career. If you’ve any more questions don’t hesitate to ask!

    The Actual Massage Job

    Must love people first and foremost – have the sort of personality that attracts other’s trust instantly. Friendly, open and non-threatening. (Well I hope I am!)

    You must enjoy listening to and helping others. And be comfortable offering advice where appropriate and if within your remit.

    Must (obviously) be comfortable around nakedness / (and yes, very occasional hygiene issues too!) be able to deal with this tactfully and confidently.

    It’s physical – and sometimes it’s sheer, bloody hard work!

    The Self Employed bit of the job- a separate job completely

    Being well driven and motivated is essential – as is being focused, obsessive, confident, curious, experimental, energetic.

    Opportunities? Not many to speak of that arrive on a plate – ‘jobs’ are few and far between. I get CV’s emailed to me every week from sports massage therapists looking for a clinic to work from in London. Especially a massage therapy clinic in Mayfair/Islington!

    However everyone has muscles, and how many times do you hear the people around you complaining about aches and pains?. You must be a ‘survivor’ and be creative – and create your own opportunities.

    It took me around a year to get things going, after 2 I was cruising. And that was ‘going for it big time’ (being the obsessive type!)

    It’s not easy and most massage therapists drop by the wayside. That being said if you’re prepared to put everything in effort-wise, and, of course, are good at what you do, you’ll be fine!

    I studied sports and remedial massage therapy at a school that comes highly recommended!

    Good luck – and let me know if I can offer any advice or assistance in starting out..